Boris van Leeuwen


Competition for status creates superstars: An experiment on public good provision and network formation Joint work with Theo Offerman and Arthur Schram
This paper supersedes our working paper "Superstars need social benefits"
Accepted for publication, Journal of the European Economic Association
Centrality and cooperation in networks Joint work with Abhijit Ramalingam, David Rojo Arjona and Arthur Schram
Accepted for publication, Experimental Economics
Predictably Angry - Facial Cues Provide a Credible Signal of Destructive Behavior Joint work with Charles Noussair, Theo Offerman, Sigrid Suetens, Matthijs van Veelen and Jeroen van de Ven
Management Science, Vol. 64 (2018), Issue 7 (July), pp. 3352-3364.

Work in progress (selected)

Fight or flight
Joint work with Theo Offerman and Jeroen van de Ven
The strategic display of emotions
Joint work with Daniel Chen, Astrid Hopfensitz and Jeroen van de Ven
The effect of facial similarity on preferences and beliefs
Joint work with Elena Cettolin and Sigrid Suetens
Developmental origins of economic preferences
Joint work with Jeanne Bovet, Gideon Nave, Paul Smeets, Jonathan Stieglitz and Andrew Whitehouse